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What is Pain?

Stages of Pain

Stage 1: The Acute or Inflammatory Stage. (Day 1-3)

Immediately after an injury, inflammation occurs. Inflammation is characterized by pain, swelling, and redness that happens at the site of the injury. The body protects itself by releasing chemicals that will help with pain and discomfort.


RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress & Elevate) is highly recommended at this stage. Depending on the severity of the injury, only gentle movements and/or breathing exercises will be beneficial.


Stage 2: The Sub Acute Stage. (Day 4 - 3 Weeks)

In this stage, the body starts to grow more tissues and starts repairing what was damaged in the first place. Since the tissues are new, you must be very careful not to re- damage them.


Mild yoga when done right, can help with the healing process.


Stage 3: The Chronic Stage (3 Weeks –Weeks, Months or Years)

The area that sustained the injury is now well into healing, but, the nerves could still be sending signals of pain to the brain, which leaves the body feeling uncomfortable. Chronic pain is hard on both the mind and the body.

Although chronic pain injuries can occur after a big accident, they can also be the result of ongoing stress or pressure on a part of your body (ex. sedentary lifestyle).

Yoga can offer many benefits at this stage. 

Every session needs to be tailored based on individual's needs, abilities, goals, and stage of healing - "One size does not fit all"

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