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Reroot your body and mind with yoga

Specializing in pain management using tailored yoga techniques

Let's explore what chronic pain is.....

In many cases, even though the source of the chronic pain may begin from an injury to a body part, a psychological dimension can develop after the physical problem has healed.

Pain, stress, and our emotions are connected.

Chronic pain can be due to an initial injury such as an accident, sports or traumatic injury, repetitive physical work, sitting or standing for long periods of time, improper lifting and carrying of heavy objects, years of bad posture, ordinary aging which leads to degenerative changes of the spine, stress-related, or no obvious physical cause.

We tailor programs based on individuals’ needs and physical abilities to help calm the mind and strengthen the body- together we can retrain the mind & ease the pain!




Image by Antonino Visalli

4 Tips to help prevent chronic pain

  • Exercise regularly & keep moving. Our bodies were built to move.

  • Meditate regularly and calm the mind. Addressing depression, anxiety and stress helps!

  • Listen to your body. Take breaks in between tasks to stretch and unwind. 

  • Don't rely solely on an x-ray or MRI. What shows up on an image may or may not be related to pain symptoms. Nearly everyone's spinal discs show some signs of wear as we age.

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