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Reconnect, Realign, Reroot: Where Mind, Body, and Soul Unite


Transitioning from two soul-enriching months in India, where I disconnected from the outside world to delve deep into spiritual practices, to my humbling experiences in underprivileged physiotherapy clinics across Africa, where I learned to make the most of the minimum resources we had to offer hope. From there, journeying to the slums to teach yoga and spread joy to orphanages, and wandering the mountains of Peru in search of profound self-discovery through transformative ayahuasca experiences. Now, my mission is to share the experiences I have gained in workshops, retreats, and various sessions, fostering a deeper connection to the mind, body, and soul—the three pillars of our essential wellbeing.

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Image by Antonino Visalli
  • Exercise regularly & keep moving. Our bodies were built to move.

  • Meditate regularly and calm the mind. Addressing depression, anxiety and stress helps!

  • Listen to your body. Take breaks in between tasks to stretch and unwind

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